My spiritual path began in 2000, when my grandmother died. Until then I had led a very "normal" life as a German translator for the English language. The "inexplicable occurrences" that accompanied her death led me to study Far Eastern philosophy, Buddhism and Hinduism intensively and to begin meditating daily in the morning and evening.

On 08.08.08 I then experienced an "awakening" during meditation, which triggered what is called an awakening or ascent of the Kundalini. For months a fire swept through my body that seemed to almost burn me up and I experienced a merging through which I received connection to the divine. This experience shook me deeply and led to a completely new world view.

At the end of 2009 I received the initiation as a Reiki Master and in 2012 as a Reiki Teacher. Since then I feel a strong calling to treat other people, grateful to be allowed to be a channel for enlightened energy and perhaps to give them back a piece of what was given to me "from above": A feeling of endless lightness of being.

Addition: 2016-2018 - basic training to become an afterlife medium with Sue Dhaibi
2018 - 2019 training to become a channelling medium with ToPAS
since April 2019 individual training with the Munich-based medium Michaela Kieswetter-Prassat.


Reiki Lineage

Energy line, Reiki line
Praxis des Lichts