Experience the power of Reiki in the „Praxis des Lichts“ in Munich Bogenhausen and let the invigorating energy flow unhindered through your body. With me (Reiki Master Sylvia Dumont) you draw new strength for everyday life, restore your mental balance, strengthen defenses and performance and overcome grief, life crises and disappointments.

This Asian healing art can be used alongside any conventional or alternative medical treatment method and supports the body in its natural healing process. In my REIKI TREATMENTS in Munich, I take you into a deep state of relaxation, in which your self-healing powers are activated and help you to find physical healing or to face the challenges of life in a positive way. Especially with depression, states of exhaustion and burn-out I have achieved great success in recent years.

 If you want to be treated, you should - depending on the length and frequency of the sessions - plan on costs between 80 and 280 euros.

Reiki training in Munich

I also offer you a sound Reiki training in Munich. The Reiki seminars, which build on each other, let you mature into a master and enable you to treat yourself and others.

Become a Reiki Teacher or Master in Munich

If you would like to be trained in this healing art by me as a Reiki teacher in Munich, please send me an email at info(at)praxis-des-lichts.net for the full-day events. For Enlish seminar dates and information about the costs for the individual courses please send an email to me as the seminars will be arranged individually.

In my exchange meetings (see SEMINARS & PRICES) all those who practice this Japanese healing method have the opportunity to exchange experiences, to practice what they have learned, to meditate as well as to refresh the Reiki energy through a short initiation.

Meditation in Munich for deep relaxation

Once a month, on Fridays at 6 pm, a meditation evening takes place in my newly renovated rooms in Munich Bogenhausen (see SEMINARS & PRICES). There I invite all experienced meditators as well as beginners and interested people to meditate in Munich. Discover the joy and beneficial effect of selected breathing exercises from mindfulness meditation as well as simple mudra, mantra and visualization exercises to activate and purify your chakras.

I look forward to helping you achieve more health and ease in your life with Reiki.


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Terminvereinbarungen bitte unter Telefon 089-95928184 oder Mobil 0171-4928631 oder per Mail an info@praxis-des-lichts.net.
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