What is Reiki

REIKI comes from the Japanese and translates as "universal life energy". The syllable "REI" describes an all-encompassing, boundless and inexhaustible energy (spirit/soul). "KI" stands for the vital life force that flows through all living things. This energy is also known in other cultures. The Indians call it "Prana" and the Chinese "Chi".

It is known from the Asian art of healing that energy (KI) must flow freely in order to live free of complaints.

"Pain is the body's cry for flowing energy."

At the same time, the word REIKI refers to an ancient healing art whose millennia-old origins lie in ancient Tibet and India. It was rediscovered and applied in Japan at the end of the 19th century by the monk Mikao Usui, who attained his enlightenment on Mount Kurama.

REIKI is independent of any particular religion, culture or belief system and is practiced by people of different religions and cultures. It is all energy guided by God (a higher power, whatever you want to call it). REIKI can be used alongside any conventional or other alternative medical treatment. REIKI is a gentle and at the same time effective energy, which gives the giver as well as the receiver a deep feeling of wholeness.


REIKI reduces stress and prevents burn-out, restores mental and energetic balance, increases joy of life and well-being.

REIKI stimulates the natural self-healing and defence forces, eliminates sleep disturbances, releases tension and relieves pain.

REIKI releases blockages on a physical, emotional and spiritual level, reduces fears, calms and brings peace.

REIKI gives body and mind new vitality and energy, promotes conscious perception and creativity and supports self-discovery.

REIKI strengthens the ability to concentrate and is therefore well suited for school children with learning difficulties.

REIKI frees the body from toxins, stimulates our organs and the nervous system.

REIKI often leads to spontaneous insights and helps to gain clarity about oneself and one's life, whereby upcoming decisions can be made and enforced with courage and determination.

REIKI gives comfort and helps to overcome sadness, anger, disappointment and depression and to look positively into the future. REIKI helps to accept the challenges of life full of confidence and self-confidence.

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