FEEDBACK to Reiki treatments and Reiki seminars

"On the recommendation of an acquaintance, I, as an analytical person, had first looked into the subject of Reiki in the literature in order to understand it better. About a year ago I was struggling with severe back pain in the lumbar region. I wanted to try Reiki and my choice fell on Syliva with her „Praxis des Lichts“. However, I did not mention anything about my pain to her, rather I wanted to let things take their natural course. I can't explain it to this day, now that I practice Reiki regularly myself, the pain has been gone ever since. But the wonderful thing about Reiki is that you don't have to understand it. Sylvia manages to help people with her empathy, kind nature and gift and that is something wonderful in this day and age."

"Hello Sylvia! Thank you so much for the beautiful and educational Reiki 2 seminar. I am very happy that I was allowed to get to know you. I am so enthusiastic about Reiki that I don't want to miss it anymore."

"Dear Sylvia, I wanted to thank you again very much for the past Reiki I weekend. It met my expectations entirely, if not exceeded them by a long way. I am absolutely amazed by the ease and effectiveness of Reiki - it's a shame that many more people don't access this energy that is available to us all. I would love to officially sign up for your Reiki II course now. I am firmly convinced that I have found in Reiki what my soul has always been searching for.
Best regards Christian"

"It is hard to believe what any man thinks he is!"
Johann Nepomuk Nestroy.

"Dear Sylvia, I believed all kinds of things about myself before I met you and you inspired me with your work. The fact that there is so much beauty and loving energy behind Reiki surprised me and has inspired me ever since. I look forward to more interesting encounters with you at our Reiki sessions.
All my love Beate“

"I always look forward when the announcement email for the meditation evening comes. I find the meditations very varied, not only the guided meditations, but also the simple exercises we do. You also cater to the new participants each time, which I really like."

"Reiki helps me on all levels, mentally, spiritually and physically, to live more consciously and self-reliantly in the 'now'. By integrating it into my everyday life, my sensory perceptions are increasingly refined and expanded, with which life is revealed and experienced in an unimagined quality, intensity and fullness - for this I am grateful!"


Praxis des Lichts