I give courses in Gendai Reiki-hô according to Hiroshi Doi, who was trained in western and traditional Japanese Reiki at the Usui Reiki Ryôhô Gakkai. Gendai Reiki-hô combines the intensive Japanese treatment techniques and meditations and the whole body treatment system of the West.


In the first degree you acquire the ability to absorb the Reiki energy into yourself and the Reiki channel through which Reiki flows is opened. You learn to transfer Reiki to yourself and others through the laying on of hands. The Reiki energy is permanently activated through three attunements.


Through the attunement to the second degree, the application possibilities of Reiki are expanded and strengthened. Symbols and mantras help to clear and dissolve mental and emotional blockages and to be able to use the Reiki energy outside of space and time. Prerequisite is the participation in a seminar for the first degree.


This degree is also called the master degree and the student is initiated into the master symbol. This further deepens the spiritual development and raises the vibration of consciousness. This degree is for people who see Reiki as a way of life and wish to delve deeper into spiritual practice and meditation.


The Master degree is a prerequisite for this degree. With this degree the student becomes a teacher and receives the ability to give initiations into the different Reiki degrees. All degrees are repeated and all exercises and meditations as well as treatment techniques are practiced intensively.

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